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  Allen Gutterman: Communication on welfare & how can racing

  Di Arbuthnot & Diana Cooper: IFAR Day 1 Welcome, Mission and Objectives

  Dr Eliot Forbes: Non racing agreements, 1st exit out of training, traceability

  Dr Kathleen Anderson: Compassionate considerations for end of life

  Dr Motoki Ito: Establishment of Aftercare Programs in Japan

  IFAR Keynote Address: Boyd Martin

  Katie LaMonica: IFAR Day 2 Intro

  Lisa-Jane Graffard: Establishment of Aftercare Programs in France

  Mandy Minger & Stacie Clark: Connecting Aftercare & Horseplayers

  Raelene Harrison: Welfare & Ethics: The benefits of implementing post-racing options

  Stacie Clark, Nicole Walker, & Kristin Leshney: History & current efforts of aftercare in the North America

  Steuart Pittman: Addressing challenges of horse welfare and commercialization/market saturation

  Wayne Pacelle: The HSUS Approach to Animal Welfare

  Pan American Conference: IFAR Chair, Di Arbuthnot & IFAR Keynote Address Michael Blowen

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Conference Presentations

IFAR - May 17, 2017, Part 1

IFAR - May 17, 2017, Part 2

IFAR - May 18, 2017