Our mission is to promote the care of
      thoroughbred horses during their lifetime.

Our objectives

⋅To raise awareness globally of the importance of welfare for thoroughbred racehorses.
⋅To improve education on lifetime care, including end of life issues, to all international racing communities and the general public.
⋅To develop a network which allows best practice to be easily shared between aftercare organisations.
⋅To promote the versatility, adaptability and potential of thoroughbreds for equestrian sport

Year one milestones achieved

⋅Unveiling of IFAR with a call to action.
⋅IFAR website launched.
⋅Inaugural IFAR Conference held in May 2017 in Washington DC where key messages of shared responsibility, accountability and traceability were delivered.
⋅Target audience engaged pre- and post-conference through direct communications and media coverage.
⋅Speakers at the conference shared concepts with international racing jurisdictions who are keen to develop aftercare programmes.

      Our vision

    Year Two

  • Strengthen the network
    of key advocates for
    the thoroughbred.
  • Promote collaboration
    between racing and
    aftercare providers.
  • Host the second IFAR
    Conference in Seoul,
    South Korea, May 2018.
  • Further develop the
    IFAR website and social
    media channels.

    Year Three

  • IFAR to be a recognised world
    leader in aftercare issues.
  • Host the third IFAR
    Conference in Europe.
  • All racing jurisdictions to sign
    up to an Aftercare Code
    of Practice.
  • Encourage development of
    traceability systems to track
    all racehorses.

    Long term

  • Global racing industry
    united and informed on
    aftercare issues.
  • Comprehensive programmes
    in place to advocate and
    educate on lifetime care.
  • All horseracing jurisdictions to
    have aftercare programmes
    and share best practice.
  • Develop partnerships on
    new aftercare initiatives.